Story Contest - Sample Story 3!

Here is the final sample story for our Me Make Monster Story Contest (Deadline: December 1st, 2009) where you make a monster, then write its story! Winners get Zazzle gift certificates - $50 for first place in four age groups, $25 for second and third place! Pretty sweet, right?!

We've enlisted three young people to create some sample monsters and stories for us. So we now hand the reins of this blog over to to Gabe Santos (age 12) and his creature creation... Count Von Rynn!

When the world was young, Count Von Rynn was already ancient. Once human, the man then known as the benevolent Count of the land of Kavekystaan was a kind ruler, treating his citizens with respect. Then his youngest son, visiting a foreign land, was caught stealing fruit for his wife. He was sentenced to death.

Count Von Rynn begged the king of this land to release his son, but the king would not give in. So the Count went to the dungeon of his castle and found a man who had been imprisoned thirty years ago for practicing The Blaque Magycks. Count Von Rynn asked this man if he could help. The man, who called himself Jakryll, agreed, and cast a spell on The Count that gave him the ability to fly to his son, honing in on his thoughts.

Once he arrived, however, The Count learned that Jakryll, who was angry at being imprisoned in the dungeon for so many years, had tricked him. He cursed him into becoming a brutal monster. His teeth turned to fangs, and his eyes had an evil gaze. When Count Von Rynn saw his son, he became filled with a ravenous appetite and couldn't control himself. His son screamed, but The Count tore into him. When he was done, all that was left were the son's clothes and rings.

The Count was enraged and wanted to find the king so he could destroy him for making him do that to his son. He ran through the kingdom, eyes yellow as the moon, dispatching all the palace guards and villagers that got in his way. Finally he got to the king, who begged for his life - but Count Von Rynn wasn't listening. Soon the king was no more.

The Count returned home, but was doomed to live a life as a monster. He found a suit and cape to remind him of his human self, but it only makes him despair. He hopes to someday find Jakryll and convince him - one way or another - to lift the curse and make him a man again.

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