Story Contest - Sample Story 2!

Here's another sample story for our Me Make Monster Story Contest (Deadline: December 1st, 2009) where you make a monster, then write its story! Winners get Zazzle gift certificates - $50 for first place in four age groups, $25 for second and third place! Nice, huh?!

We've enlisted three young people to create some sample monsters and stories for us. So we now turn this blog post over to D.D. McFarlane (age 9) and her monster creation... Gorgalus!

Gorgalus comes from the swamps of Arkansas, making him one of the few southern monsters. He was accidentally created when a swamp witch was trying to cast a spell on her cat, but she missed and hit a toad outside her window instead. The toad became an enormous amphibious beast named Gorgalus. Unfortunately Gorgalus ate the witch, but he let her cat go free because he felt sorry about the way the witch treated it over the years.

Even though Gorgalus is always hungry, he doesn't eat any of the animals in the swamp. He's a vegetarian (the witch was an exception). Instead, he eats the leftover junk food that clogs up the creeks. The snakes, birds, spiders and other swamp creatures accept Gorgalus, even though he smells like sewers and makes big bubbles under the water when he gets upset. In return, he protects the animals from shady land developers and snooping sheriffs.

Gorgalus has spikes on his arms and legs that let him defend himself against any weapons like machetes and spears. He can make a deep, gurgling sound that summons the swamp animals to his aid (they don't mind helping, anyway). He must always protect his throat, though, because if it gets hurt, he can't make the sound, and then he'd be in big trouble.

Gorgalus just wants to live in peace, and be happy.

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