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Me Make Monster has been featured on IAMTHETREND, a site promoting independent art, clothing, music, crafts, and other cool stuff! Check them out!

Sample Monster Shirts!

What kind of monster shirts can you make with Me Make Monster?! These kinds! Once you build the monster of your dreams, you can print it on Zazzle shirts (short sleeve, long sleeve, ringers, even light colored shirts), hoodies and sweatshirts - all sized to fit you, of course. Check out these sample shirts – all made with Me Make Monster!

Make your own at Me Make Monster!

Me Make Monster Gets a Facelift!

If you haven't checked out Me Make Monster in a while... what are you thinking?! We've given the site a bit of a facelift!

What have we changed? Well, the background is now black, to better make your monsters pop!

You now have up to two lines of text for your monster's name, so you can make it much longer - and, the monster name is color-coordinated with your monster!

And there's one more little touch - when your mouse rolls over the design tools, the monster parts light up, making it easier to see which part you're working on!

So click on the image below, and make some monsters!

Send Us Your Photos!

You've already visited Me Make Monster and created your own custom monster, haven't you? Well, once you've done that and printed your monster on a t-shirt, hat, bag or other cool stuff - we want to see it!

Send us a picture of you wearing or holding your Me Make Monster stuff, and we'll post it right here in the blog! We want to show you off!

Another Giveaway - Sugar Pop Ribbons!

We have another $50 giveaway going on now - at the fantastic blog Sugar Pop Ribbons! Check it out now, and follow the instructions on the blog for a chance to win a Zazzle Gift Certificate - which you can use to buy cool Me Make Monster stuff, of course!

Sugar Pop Ribbons

Nine More Months

We have a contest going on at the awesome Nine More Months blog right now! Head over there and enter (there are a number of ways you can do that) for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to make cool Me Make Monster stuff!

The World Needs More Monsters - Our New Sister Site!

Okay, so you've been making your own custom monsters at Me Make Monster - but you still haven't had your fill!

Well, you're in luck, monster lover - because we've just launched The World Needs More Monsters, a store featuring the largest collection of monster shirts you'll find anywhere! Click the image below to check it out!

The World Needs More Monsters features monster shirts of all types - famous movie monsters, real world monsters like Bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster, monster authors, monster actors - even big monster brands like Moshi Monsters and Disney's Monsters, Inc.!

Give the new site a whirl, and let us know what you think - we're sure that monster lovers everywhere will enjoy the humongo selection of monster shirts!