One Satisfied Monster-Maker

Hey look - it's Dave, one of the very first people in the world to use Me Make Monster to make a totally custom monster, and then put it on stuff!

Here's Dave, enjoying the creature creation process... picking out body parts, sizing them up, moving them around, adding skin texture, and coloring his monster. Once he was done, Dave added his monster to a t-shirt, bought it, and...

...just about a week later, he got this awesome package in the mail. Okay, the package itself wasn't so awesome...

...but the shirt sure was! Check out Dave's monster - he named it Mr. Scary! It looks just like he designed it on the Me Make Monster website! Now he can wear it all over town to show off his monster-making skills! Everybody loves a monster-maker!

Thanks, Dave, for sharing your photos with us! You rule!

Make one yourself at:

Me Make Monster Flickr Group

We've created an MMM Flickr group for you to share all of your monstrous creations. Check it out here!

Me Make Monster Flickr Group

Enjoy checking out what other MMM users have made. We look forward to seeing what you've made with Me Make Monster!

Me Make Monster Commercial and Theme Song!

The first Me Make Monster commercial has launched, complete with a retro 80's-style theme song! Click below to check it out!

Looking For Monster Lovin' Celebrities!

Are you an actor, model, blogger, athlete, artist - anyone with a bit of notoriety - who loves monsters more than life itself?! Here's the deal!

Me Make Monster is look for a few celebrity endorsers for our stuff. If you think you're one of those:

• e-mail us at and tell us a little about yourself

• if we think we can work together, we'll e-mail you a Zazzle gift certificate

• you go to and create your monster

• buy some stuff with your gift certificate

• when it arrives, take some photos of yourself wearing or holding your monster stuff

• send us the photos, along with permission to use them in our marketing materials - and maybe tweet it or post it on your own blog, too

See?! Everyone wins! We're looking for people to spread the word about Me Make Monster - hopefully that's you!

Me Make Monster: Product Overview!

The Me Make Monster product overview! Sure, you've created your custom monster - now learn about all the cool Zazzle products you can put it on!

Me Make Monster Postage Stamps!

Hey, guess what? You can now create a monster at and have it printed on real postage stamps! What's cooler than sending out your letters, invitations, birthday cards - hey, even your bills - with a stamp featuring your own custom creature?! Uh... nothing!

Make yours today - click the stamp below!

Me Make Monster on YouTube!

We've got five instructional videos on YouTube now! Learn how to make five classic types of monsters, and learn a little bit more about Me Make Monster, too! Check it out!

Me Make Monster on YouTube

Make "The Creature"!

Check out the first video tutorial from Me Make Monster, and learn how to make... The Creature!

New Monsters!

Me Make Monster is up and running, with new features and monster parts being added daily! Here are some sample monsters made with MMM to whet your appetite! Make your own at !