One Satisfied Monster-Maker

Hey look - it's Dave, one of the very first people in the world to use Me Make Monster to make a totally custom monster, and then put it on stuff!

Here's Dave, enjoying the creature creation process... picking out body parts, sizing them up, moving them around, adding skin texture, and coloring his monster. Once he was done, Dave added his monster to a t-shirt, bought it, and...

...just about a week later, he got this awesome package in the mail. Okay, the package itself wasn't so awesome...

...but the shirt sure was! Check out Dave's monster - he named it Mr. Scary! It looks just like he designed it on the Me Make Monster website! Now he can wear it all over town to show off his monster-making skills! Everybody loves a monster-maker!

Thanks, Dave, for sharing your photos with us! You rule!

Make one yourself at:

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