Story Contest - Sample Story 1!

We're running our Me Make Monster Story Contest right now (Deadline: December 1st, 2009) you make a monster, then write its story!

To give you an idea of what kind of story you can write, we've enlisted three young people to create some sample monsters and stories for us. So we now turn this blog post over to young Curt Jacinelli (age 5) and his monster creation... Rabid Roderick!

My monster is named Rabid Roderick. Rabid Roderick is covered in red fur, but he wears dark clothes to cover it, so he can blend into the world better.

Rabid Roderick is actually a man named Sir William Anderson, a famous scientist who works in a laboratory in London, England. Sir William was trying to find a cure for people getting sick when he created a new potion. He didn't want to make anyone sicker, so he tested it on himself. Something went wrong, and now he becomes Rabid Roderick whenever he sees the color red. He can't control himself when he's Rabid Roderick - it just takes over. He turns back when he finally sees the color green.

Rabid Roderick is very bendable and can squeeze himself into sewers. This is what he does when he is pursued by cops and television reporters who want to catch a glimpse of him. He searches all over London, trying to get the ingredients for an antidote that will cure him. He can also use his arms and legs to swing high up on buildings or other structures, which he does to try to find the scattered ingredients for the antidote.

Someday, he will find them and cure himself.

- Curt Jacinelli, age 5

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